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Quality Hair Extensions
The Dreamcatcher’s Difference


DreamCatchers are no ordinary hair extensions. Made of the finest hair, they can be styled, permed, and colored, allowing you to treat them exactly as you would your own natural hair. DreamCatchers will enable you to transform the appearance of fine, lifeless or short hair into thick, long, beatutiful looking hair. What’s more, we don’t use any damaging glues,waxes, chemicals or weaves. Other hair extension companies remove the hair’s cuticle, leaving it coarse and sometimes unmanageable. To ensure the DreamCatchers elite quality,  the cuticles are left intact giving them an incredible silky manageable quality and feel that will truly amaze you. You can completely change your look!  Long, short, straight, curly or wavy in minutes!

*Disclaimer – Any member of Hue Thairapy reserves the right to refuse a service if poses a risk to the client. In the event hair extensions applied by the stylist for any client are altered or removed by anyone other than the stylist, Hue Thairapy and it’s employees are no longer liable for said extensions or services rendered. By paying for the extensions and any services related to, you agree to these terms.